Uganda’s tourism industry is reviving after an epidemic of Covid.

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Photo by Harvey Sapir on Pexels.com

There has always been an element of risk and uncertainty connected with traveling in Uganda during the Covid-19 period. The political dangers associated with the 2021 general presidential elections have only exacerbated uncertainty over the last two years on their own.. 

In 2020, the number of tourists planning to go on safari in Uganda declined by 80% and 60% through 2021. Since these critically endangered primates were warned about catching the virus, gorilla tourism was halted. As a result, a historically low number of tourists visited the area.

In spite of this, there has been a want for excitement and lust to see the pearl of Africa, but all have been put on hold due to travel restrictions and prospective dangers. After a 70% reduction in visitors, the popularity of Uganda safaris is on its way back to the road. In recent months, there has been a gradual rebound in confidence, which has resulted in a considerably stronger performance than the sluggish start to 2021.


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