The over-water venue serves couples, families, and corporate parties.

You can throw a line into the water or have a BBQ over the waves. Be amazed by the jewel-colored sky or learn how to “scoop” squid at night.


photo courtesy the Fourseasons Malaysia

At the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi’s Rumah Ikan Fish House, visitors can go on new adventures that are inspired by the island’s rich fishing history. This historic place floats above the calm Andaman Sea and is protected by limestone cliffs. It was designed by a local fisherman and built with wood from the island. Here, the freshest fish and seafood are caught using methods that have been used for generations.

photo courtesy the Fourseasons Malaysia

Our traditional fish house is a great place to learn about the history of the island and enjoy the simple pleasures of the past. This is especially important to us because Ikan Ikan Restaurant is built on the site of an old anchovy fishing village.

The talented Adventure Team at the Resort has put together a series of amazing activities that allow couples, families, and corporate teams to connect in new and meaningful ways. Here are six great reasons to meet up at Rumah Ikan Fish House.

Tour on your own and fishing. Join local Four Seasons staff on this guided tour to learn about Langkawi’s fishing history. In the past, people caught fish by building a complicated structure out into the water from strips and splints of wood. Then get on the boat for a breezy ride along the beach.

Storybook Picnic. Share a Hidangan picnic with your loved ones in a magical spot over the water with a view of the horizon that goes on forever. Sea breezes and the sound of waves make every moment special.

photo courtesy the Fourseasons Malaysia

Langkawi Fishing Adventure. On a three-hour trip, you can learn how people in the area fish. Hop on the Four Seasons boat with a local fisherman and head to a great spot off Langkawi’s northeast coast where there are lots of grouper, snapper, and other fish. This experience involves fishing with live bait, fishing with a Menjala net, and catching Bubu fish with a trap.

Mi Amor Sunset. At Rumah Ikan Fish House, you can raise a glass to love and rosé as the sun sets in the west. Langkawi is known for its beautiful sunsets, which look like bright flowers of gold, orange, pink, and purple. This small-group event comes with a bottle of rosé wine and gourmet appetizers.

Fishing for squid at night. At night, the best way to “scoop” a lot of fresh squid is to go out into the Andaman Sea with green decoy spotlights. Mencandat is a traditional way to jig, and guests can try their hand at it. Local legend says that the best nights to catch fish are when there is no moon.

Tailormade Events. Rumah Ikan Fish House is the only place of its kind in Northern Malaysia. Private small-group events can also be held there. Think about surprise parties, VIP sundowners, or nights with a barbecue. The experienced staff at the Four Seasons can make a custom package that includes everything for each group.


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